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RoboThink Investing in Multi-Media

RoboThink - MultiMedia
RoboThink - MultiMedia

RoboThink is launching RoboThink MultiMedia, a media content development branch of the RoboThink, LLC. Kids learn through touch, but they also learn through hearing and seeing. RoboThink is planning on investing more in 2017 into creating digital media for auditory and visual learners of STEM! 

The RoboThink MultiMedia logo is a derivative of the RoboThink corporate logo. The “O” in the middle is replaced with a “Play” button indicative of the digital multi-media content the branch will be producing. Three individuals in the RoboThink corporate colors are seen sprouting from the bottom of the “Play” button. This represents the growth potential of students through multi-media. 

The grand plan is to incorporate multi-media learning into RoboThink’s robotics and coding programs. This will enhance the learning experience of students and make it easier to follow along concepts and lessons!

Here’s a little sample of the latest music from RoboThink Media! 

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RoboThink Provides STEM Solutions to Public Schools in China

Kids learning in classroom with RoboThink presentation

RoboThink’s unique STEM solutions are now being taught at classrooms in public schools across China. With our easy to use robotics kit and cutting edge software and curriculum, children are getting their first exposure into the amazing world of robotics and coding! 

Jacky, CEO of RoboThink China said, “It was amazing to see the hundreds of faces light up when they built their first moving models! We are excited to work with the Ministry of Education in the STEM space and this is a great validation of RoboThink’s unique and advantageous programs over other STEM providers.”

From the US corporate headquarters in Chicago, Danny Park said, “We are off to a great start in the East-Asian market with our latest success in China, and this will be a guiding example to roll out our innovative programs into Taiwan, Vietnam and Singapore. Our R&D investment into our own robotics hardware, software and curriculum is providing a very unique competitive advantage over our competitors in the STEM education market and it’s great that the schools are seeing the value of a vertically integrated learning program.”

In the US, China and South Korea, RoboThink is making revolutionary strides in the STEM education segment. Find out more at or