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RoboThinkers Around the World

Teacher Explaining to Group

RoboThink’s STEM programs are in use with students all around the world! With locations in over 10 countries, RoboThink is making a positive impact on children around the world through STEM education.

RoboThink USA

RoboThink’s home country! Here, RoboThinkers from Chicago are hard at work building new ideas and coding using RoboThink’s coding software. 

RoboThink Canada

A hop across the border lies Canadian RoboThinkers. Here are some students from Toronto working on their latest RoboThink creations. 

RoboThink Panama

RoboThinkers in Panama City took second and third place at the national robotics competition for youth in November! Give them a round of robot applause!

RoboThink Malaysia

Let’s cross the Pacific Ocean and fly to Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. Students at RoboThink Malaysia are having a blast at our afterschool classes. Not only are students learning STEM skills, they’re also learning about team work and creative problem solving.

RoboThink Cambodia

RoboThink is a huge hit in Cambodia with a partnership with the Ministry of Education and over 20 different private schools. Over 4 new locations have opened within the past 6 months with more to follow!

RoboThink Korea

RoboThink also has a presence in Korea catering to dozens of schools throughout the country. Most recently, RoboThink ran it’s own national competition and the winners are shown on the bottom! 

RoboThink Ireland

Now we fly to the land of Leprechauns and Celtic lore, Ireland! Irish RoboThinkers this season had a great time going through our afterschool courses and receiving the RoboThink graduation certificate!

RoboThink China

RoboThink launched in China in October with our first location in Shanghai! The program proved such a hit, RoboThink is now expanding to a second location with a plan to grow over 100 units for the course of 3 years.

Where to next?

RoboThink’s STEM programs are world class. Our products, our curriculum, our software and teaching pedagogies are the best in the industry and is in demand all around the world by schools, parents and students alike! RoboThink is continuing to grow around the world, improving the lives of children everywhere.

Expect to see us in Vietnam, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and United Kingdom in 2020!